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EMMA – Energy and Micro-Generator Manager FAQs

How does EMMA work?

By constantly monitoring, in real-time, how much electricity your micro-generator is producing, and how much electricity you are using, EMMA spots any surplus energy being produced. EMMA then intelligently decides whether to store it (as hot water or space heating) or export it (so you benefit from feed-in tariffs). The result for you is savings on your energy bills, optimal income from feed-in tariffs and a smaller carbon footprint.

How much will EMMA save me?

Savings and payback times depend on your energy needs and preferences (e.g. how much hot water you like to have) and your micro-generator. Payback results from electricity being put to useful purpose onsite - heating your hot water or home - instead of being exported unnecessarily. You effectively get ‘free’ hot water or heating.

How much does EMMA cost?

EMMA comes in various sizes and models to suit different micro-generators. Please contact Rain Wind Sun for the latest pricing.

How is it installed?

EMMA is fitted near your fuse board. Installation is quick and creates little mess or disruption. Suitable for new and existing micro-generators, EMMA starts running and saving you money immediately.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, once installed you do not need to do anything, although you may like to view the data EMMA displays, such as the current hot water temperature. We provide operating instructions, and if you have questions you can always contact us.

What about Guarantees?

EMMA is patented, CE certified, compliant with relevant European Directives and comes with a 12 month warranty. It has been used Ireland and UK-wide for over four years.