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Solar Heated Swimming Pool

How it works...

Solar Swimming Pool FAQs

What are the benefits?

Installing a solar water heating systems for swimming pools allows the swimming season to be extended. The panels will heat up a large quantity of water by a few degrees. The system can be mounted on roofs or on the ground preferably facing south. The number of panels depends on the size of the pool; a good estimate is that you will require 50% of your pool surface area in solar panels. This will vary if the pool has a cover, and is in an exposed position or if the panels cannot be mounted facing south.

How does it work?

The water is fed through the panels normally by the existing pool pump. There is a controller that measures the temperature of the pool water and the panel temperature to ensure that the water is only fed through the panels when the water in the panels is hotter than the pool water. The panels are relatively maintenance free.

Solar panels are most effective from May to September in direct sunshine although they will also continue to produce some heat when skies are overcast. With solar panels, pool temperatures in the mid to high 20s °C can generally be achieved throughout the “swimming season” in the UK and 30°C or more during spells of hot weather.